Research area
Traffic and Environment

The area "traffic and environment" covers the subjects tunnel ventilation and safety, urban air quality and pollution dispersion as well as environmental measurement. Last includes an accredited measurement laboratory for measuring particulates of the fractions PM10 and PM2.5 as well as the pollutants NOX, NO and O3.

The objective of this research area is to investigate and manage the interrelated processes of emission and dispersion of airborne pollutants, with an emphasis on recording traffic emissions and their dispersion in urban areas.
The intention is to investigate traffic emissions and air quality in order to develop the basis for a sustainable improvement in the quality of life.

An additional focus is placed on ventilation, fire safety and environmental issues concerning road and rail tunnels. Activities here entail undertaking theoretical investigations, system design, on-site testing of ventilation and
safety systems, and performance of fire and system tests.

The intense usage of measurement systems has led to the development of considerable competence in the monitoring and measurement of airborne pollutants as well as in the determination of properties related to thermo- and aerodynamics.