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Reed valves are widely used in hermetic reciprocating compressors and are responsible for a major share of thermodynamic losses. The suction valve in particular, which is opened for almost the entire suction phase, has a very significant improvement potential. Suction valves in hermetic reciprocating compressors are usually opened only by the pressure difference created by the moving piston and should be closed before the compression phase starts, in order to avoid a reversed mass-flow through the valve. The valves are thus preloaded, which, on the other hand, results in a higher flow resistance.

The development of refrigeration appliances is mainly experimentally driven. To evaluate improvements on the system of newly developed or optimized components of cooling and refrigeration appliances, the components have to be integrated into the real world system and measured in climatic chambers or test benches. This iterative process leads to high development costs and furthermore, energy saving potentials cannot be recognized and exploited. The use of simulation tools enables a holistic dynamic simulation of the refrigeration circuit components and their complex interaction within the entire system taking into account the relevant boundary conditions. For manufacturers of domestic refrigeration appliances two main advantages arise: