Ventilation & Tunnel Safety

As early as the late 1960s, research in vehicle emissions and thermodynamics had resulted in the design of ventilation systems for road tunnels. In the meantime, the department has become a highly recognized institution when it comes to ventilation and safety issues relating to road and rail tunnels, metro lines, and complex subsurface parking facilities.

Projects have been successfully completed in almost all continents of the world. The fact that staff members are involved in organisations such as PIARC, NFPA 502, etc., reflects the international scope of department activity.
The research activities in the field cover:
  • Tunnel ventilation design
  • Full scale fire test
  • On-site aero- and thermodynamic tunnel investigations
  • Acceptance tests for fans and ventilation control systems
  • Safety techniques for road and rail tunnels
  • Complex CFD simulations
The company is strongly supporting the biennial international conference TUNNEL SAFETY AND VENTILATION, which continues to attract 250 to 300 participants.