VECTO (Vehicle Energy Consumption Calculation Tool) is a simulation tool developed by Graz University of Technology (TU Graz) in cooperation with the Forschungsgesellschaft für Verbrennungskraftmaschinen und Thermodynamik (FVT) by order of the European Commission. The simulation tool calculates the energy and fuel consumption as well as CO2 emissions of heavy duty vehicles. VECTO is the basis of EU regulation EU 2017/2400 and is used to calculate the CO2 emissions of most heavy duty vehicles sold after 1.1.2019. 

Simulation Model

VECTO considers vehicle and powertrain components wich contribute to the vehicle's fuel consumption in a longitudinal simulation of the whole vehicle on a specified representative track. Model parameters are obtained via standardized measurement procedures of the individual components. Besides vehicle-specific model parameters VECTO moreover uses generic components, e.g., for the gearshift behavior or the driver.

The simulation model is component based. This modular structure of the simulated powertrain in VECTO allows to easily modify and adapt the powertrains to the real vehicle.


Component Tools

The VECTO simulation tool is supplemented wih two component evaluation tools (pre-processing tools) VECTO Engine and VECTO Airdrag. VECTO Airdrag is mandatory for evaluation of air resistance measurements and obtaining the air drag from constant speed tests. VECTO Engine is used for the evaluation of measurements from an engine teststand according to the EU regulation.


VECTO Workshops

You are interested in using VECTO for your vehicle simulations or want to know further details about VECTO? You need support in using one of the component tools VECTO Engine, VECTO Airdrag, or VECTO Hashing? We offer trainings and workshops tailor-made for your needs, covering VECTO and CO2 certification of heavy duty vehicles. Please Turn on Javascript! for further information.