Model Features

  • Comprehensive and efficient solution for emission calculation for transport networks
  • Covers transport sectors road, rail and inland waterway transportation
  • Combines detailed simulation of fleet composition and vehicle emission factors
  • Full flexibility for defining scenarios regarding fleet composition, vehicle technology etc.
  • Model results are provided in spatial resolution
  • Provides good model accuracy in comparison with micro-scale emission models
  • Interfaces for transport and air quality models implemented
  • "Inventory" mode available for calculation of region/nationwide emission inventories


  • Vehicle fleet composition is simulated based on yearly registration statistics and vehicle category and age dependent survival probabilities
  • Vehicle technologies (e.g. “EURO class”) are allocated to new registrations based on registration year
  • User defined simulation horizon (e.g. 1990 to 2050)
  • Emissions are calculated from road section specific average engine power demand and characteristic curves on engine emission behaviour
  • Average engine power demand is calculated for each road section (average speed, gradient) based on longitudinal dynamics
  • Full set of vehicle specifications (e.g. masses, road loads, engine emission behaviour) available from PHEM model and HBEFA data

Basic Principle

  • Network is subdivided into homogenous street sections
  • Every street section is simulated by an average driving behaviour


Predefined Datasets

  • Pessenger car: gasoline, diesel, CNG, gasoline HEV, diesel HEV, BEV; Emission standards Euro 0 - 6d
  • Light commercial vehicle: gasoline, diesel, CNG, gasoline HEV, diesel HEV, BEV; Emission standards 0 - 6d
  • Heavy duty vehicle: diesel, CNG, diesel HEV, BEV (only for city bus); Emission standards pre Euro - EURO VI
  • Two-wheelers: 2-stroke, 4-stroke, gasoline; Emission standards Euro 0 - 5

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