The research area “Thermodynamics” deals with thermodynamic questions of selected mechanical engineering topics.

The field of activities includes the analysis of energetic and thermodynamic processes of reciprocating compressors and cooling cycles for domestic refrigeration or cycles for automotive waste heat recovery. This is carried out by simulation and measurement of heat balances, flow phenomena as well as heat and mass transfer using also proprietary software. Particular attention is paid to transient phenomena.

Another research area focuses on the thermal behavior and the thermal management of engines and vehicles. In this field research projects are conducted dealing for example with the modeling of the cooling circuit of internal combustion engines. Raimund Almbauer supports projects of the K2-Research Centre “Mobility” as a key researcher.


Special Fields of Work

Hermetic reciprocating piston compressors

  • Gas flow including heat transfer
  • Total energy balance
  • Identification of thermo- dynamic potentials for efficiency improvements

Cooling cycle of appliances

  • Transient simulation of domestic refrigeration cooling cycles 
  • Experimental investigation of components
  • Thermodynamic analysis of control strategies

Thermal Management

  • Waste heat recovery
  • Thermodynamic validation of cycles and working media
  • Air path modeling



  • Calorimeter for household compressors
  • Laser Doppler Vibrometer
  • Software and Hardware (CFD, 1D, 3D, IPSEpro)



Following the K-project ECO-COOL, which was completed in 2017, three follow-up projects were launched with the same industrial partners on the topic of compressor and refrigeration process of household refrigerators.