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Research area
Working Process – Analysis and Simulation


Selected projects from this research area are presented below.

Due to the constant trend towards higher IMEP and leaner air-gas-mixtures in large gas engines, safe ignition of the mixture in the combustion chamber has great importance in order to keep cyclic combustion fluctuations in an acceptable range. Therefore, it is essential to create a deeper understanding of the processes during ignition and in the early phase of combustion.

The objective of the project "Advanced Bearing Technology for Large Engines" in cooperation with the LEC is to develop new sensors for the online measurement of temperature and oil pressure in bearings. Areas of application are research and development tasks in the field of combustion engines, but also the use for onboard measurement and evaluation of bearing conditions, for example in marine applications, is planned.

With the Rapid Compression-Expansion Machine (RCEM) fundamental investigations in the area of of ignition, combustion and knocking processes in combustion engines can be realized. Due to the missing crank drive, this machine can be used to simulate individual combustion cycles with great flexibility in terms of piston stroke, compression ratio and gas composition. The piston is driven by compressed air at the rear and is thus moved ballistically.

The project “Measurements for Validating Ignition Models” in cooperation with the LEC aims to support and improve simulation of the ignition process in combustion engines operated with gas. Detailed knowledge of the processes during spark ignition is necessary in order to guarantee stable ignition in SI engines. Of particular interest are flame kernel formation and propagation, which are not described by standard CFD models for engine simulation.